You can roster each individual area of your restaurant, from Barista to Head Chef, to match highs and lows in demand, easily adjust your staffing to meet your labour budget, and instantly share rosters with your whole team.

Comes loaded with the award rates for restaurants, cafes, and bars — and can automate the wage calculations

Effortlessly track employee hours and export to payroll. All in one place, all completely mobile

Staff can set their availability and keep track of their roster

Stay across important messages from their managers on Deputy News feed

Whether you’re scheduling shop assistants or staff in order fulfillment centres, Deputy helps you roster the right amount of people, at the right times, and keep labour costs under control.

Forecast how many staff you need on hand to meet sales, foot traffic, or delivery orders

Roster available staff with a few clicks — and track wage costs to stay on budget

Send rosters to your team instantly via web or app

If a team member calls in sick, find someone to cover their shift with one tap in Deputy


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Presents Australia's smartest rostering software:

Save time & money with Australia's leading scheduling software

Save hours spent on rostering

Fill empty shifts fast


Industries that Deputy helps

Health Care

Organise your staff as effectively as possible, automate time-consuming admin, and create more time for expanding your practice.

Schedule available, qualified staff across different roles.

Send rosters straight to your team’s phones and inboxes — with alerts and reminders.

Easily handle changes in patient volumes, dropped shifts, and other last-minute changes to the roster.

Schedule additional staff, find last-minute replacements, and communicate changes to your team instantly from desktop or mobile.

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Keep labour costs under budget

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Handle last-minute changes

If someone calls in sick, find a replacement with one tap. No phone calls required. Or give staff the flexibility to swap shifts fast with suitable teammates.

Roster staff in minutes

Roster the right people, at the right times, across your business. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, cost, and your budget.

Share rosters in a click

Send rosters straight to your team and make sure they never miss an update. Publish rosters instantly from desktop or mobile with smart alerts and reminders.

Save time & money with Australia's leading scheduling software

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Businesses that love using Deputy

"We save two admin hours ($25/hr) per store per week on sharing schedules and news. With 50+ stores it’s saving a lot of money, about $130,000 a year." 

 "Deputy tells us the wage cost for each store so we can see if we’re over-staffed and adjust accordingly." 

 "We’d have employees call in sick and it was so difficult managing schedules in Excel. Deputy was a breath of fresh air. Suddenly the half day or a day a week, just in admin, is now gone. "

Giro Maurici, Owner, San Churro

Gelato Messina | Deputy customers for over 12 years

Audrey Khaing-Jones, Co-Founder & COO, Glam Corner 

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Presents Australia's smartest rostering software:

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